​"Let's do something we love. Something that could help inspire people to think positive, be happy and evolve into their best possible self". Those were the thoughts between the two owners, Melissa von Haag and Donna Gonzalez. Now, close to a year later, we are happy to introduce "Divine Energy Universe", LLC.
​                    Meeting in nursing school and caring for others was just one thing we had in common, being spiritual was another. Both of us due to our own personal experiences and results, hold a strong belief in the power of positive thinking/laws of attraction. This together with our desire and passion to learn more about things we enjoy, as well as improve our lives and the lives of others. This has lead us to the many things we are pursuing. 
​                   We felt a strong desire to start a business. Something that was outside of the nursing field but still something where we could make a difference in other's lives. Helping others while integrating our passions, knowledge and interests. This is what would make us happy. This desire, as well as our own​ personal journeys of learning and evolving lead us to start "Divine Energy Universe". 
​                    Both of us have a love and fascination with crystals/gemstones. We are enamored with the beauty, as well as the natural healing properties they are believed to harness, so it felt right to start there and create unique handmade gemstone pieces. These pieces include jewelry as well as other items. The pieces are cleansed and charged on selenite slabs purchased from Crystalline Phoenix, a selenite supplier. In doing this the negative energies are removed out of the gemstone pieces. Positively charged pieces are then ready to assist you in enhancing your life for the greater good. 
​                   To us "Divine Energy Universe" is a place where we can share a piece of ourselves with others in  hopes to enlighten, empower or simply put a smile on one's face.  It is also important to us to have something for everyone. If there's something you would like us to carry, please send us a message and tell us your thoughts. We would love to hear them.