​Healing & Balancing Disclaimer​​

​                                                           ​The gemstone (crystal) products sold by Divine Energy Universe, LLC are handcrafted pieces believed to harness natural energy, that when combined with the users set intention acts as a catalyst to promote transformation and assist in improvements with one's body, mind and/or spirit. The result attained from pieces bought from Divine Energy Universe, LLC lies solely with the user. We cannot predict, nor do we guarantee that you will obtain a specific outcome. Every person is different therefore the results differ for each individual. Each individual's results depend on his or her unique way of life, effort, motivation, desire, dedication, actions & various other factors.
                                                             The content on this website is for informational purposes only and not intended to act as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.  We are not attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any physical, mental or emotional issue, disease or condition. If you suspect you have a medical or psychological problem, you should contact the appropriate health care provider.
​                                                              In using our products, you are acknowledging that you are solely and personally responsible for your choices, actions and results, now and in the future. You accept full responsibility of your use, or non-use of any of our products.
​                                                              When you purchase and/or use a product from Divine Energy Universe, LLC you hereby fully and completely hold harmless, indemnify, and release Divine Energy Universe, it's principal owners, agents, consultants, employees,  director or anyone otherwise affiliated with Divine Energy Universe or the principal owners from any and all causes of action, allegations, suits, claims, or demands whatsoever,  from any damage or injury personal, psycological, emotional, financial or otherwise, which you may acquire in the present or future, during or following  purchase and use of products sold on our website.
​                                                              By using this website, you are agreeing to all parts of the above disclaimer. If you have any questions regarding this disclaimer, please feel free to contact us through our contact page.