​​Utilizing & Caring for your gemstone piece

​               All our gemstone pieces are carefully handmade. Like most things, if you don't take proper care of it, it is likely to become damaged.  We recommend all of our bracelets with braided detail do not come in contact with water.  As for our stretchy bracelets we do not recommend stretching the bracelets beyond capacity. We expect a lot from our gemstone pieces. In return, treasure it. Cleanse /charge it often (see below on how to cleanse/charge your gemstone piece) and when not in use, we suggest                                        placing it in a pouch or other protective casing.

                                                      UTILIZING YOUR GEMSTONE PIECE
​               ​Once you receive your gemstone piece you will want to dedicate it to a specific purpose, in which you want the piece to help you attain. This is usually a particular personal need/desire or to create harmonious vibrations that help balance and align one's energy. This in turn holistically aids in healing, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects of one's self.  We suggest sitting in a quiet comfortable space. Hold the piece in the palm of your hand. Start by taking a few slow deep breaths with your eyes closed to relax your breathing. Visualize the outcome you desire. Then say out loud and remember to be specific about the desire you wish to attain. Repeat several times. Now your piece is ready to go and do it's job in facilitating you in  achieving better health and overall well-being.
​                   We recommend cleansing/charging your gemstone piece from time to time. You can do this several different ways.
​                One option for cleansing is by laying your gemstone piece on a slab of selenite. Selenite will absorb any negative energy. This method cleanses, purifies and recharges your gemstones. Selenite slabs used for charging should preferably measure 1'' thick. The amount of time may differ. You will know if your stone is cleansed by how it feels to you.  You can always lay them on a slab to be charged when you go to bed. Wake up and they are all ready to go!
​                     Another option is by moonlight.  The moon cleanses & recharges your gemstones at the same time. Place your gemstones in direct moonlight overnight. You can place them in a window sill or place them directly outside. Pay close attention to the phases of the moon as different phases carry different energy. We recommend   ​using this method during the night of a full moon.
​                    Anytime after you cleanse and recharge your gemstone piece,  follow the above directions and re-dedicate the stone to its specific purpose.
​                    We hope you are excited about your new gemstone piece. May your time together be filled with positive loving experiences!